Welcome!  I want to help you have more time to be creative.   In the past five years, I have been crossing off the steps to becoming a successful novelist.  However, the ongoing struggle of building a platform while writing my novel has been a challenge.  So I decided to learn the new skills I needed by taking a Virtual Assistant course.   In this social media age of promotion and platforms, a Virtual Assistant can help with those tasks that eat away at your time and energy.  So join me in the journey of building a platform and check out if I can help you on your path of promotion as well.

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About Marcie

Hi there and welcome to my site!

I am a creative.

What’s that you may ask?

It’s anyone who is given to creating.  There are a lot of us out there. I write historical fiction stories.  I understand the challenges of balancing “creating” and platform building and marketing your handiwork.

In the process of learning how to tackle platform building as a fifty-something I thought, “Hey, I could help others while I’m gaining more skills.”

That’s when I found Gina Horkey’s Virtual Assistant course.  A virtual assistant gives you more time to produce your masterpiece.  They help you handle your platform building/marketing through writing content, scheduling posts and managing your social media channels.

I love to help others succeed.  So it’s a win-win for me to help your dream become more of a reality, whether that’s a music ministry, a crafting blog, a writer’s platform or any number of other aspirations.

When I’m not working on my passion for writing and helping others, I spend time with my handsome hubby of 32 years, Dean. We have five grown children and three beautiful granddaughters.

I cherish the wide open spaces of Nebraska where I live and coffee is a daily staple.  I’ve accumulated a plethora of experiences from being on an all-girls hay crew to Christian radio announcer to ten years as a wedding planner and florist. I love having lunch with my friends and reading biographies and historical fiction.  I am inspired by the stories of people and how they make a difference in the world.

To help you reach your goals, check out my blog for ideas on how to make your platform building easier. I’m starting with the basics and we will build from the ground up.

But if hiring a VA would be more of a help to you, then check out my Hire Me page for more information.

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Blessings on your creative venture,


Platform Building for Creatives Blog

An Extraordinary Gift

Theresa knew she should listen to her mother, but the exhilaration was just too enticing. As the streetcar slowed to a rolling stop, she bounded on to the first entrance and immediately heard her mother shouting from the front door. “Theresa, I have told you numerous times not to jump on to that rattle trap! …

Hire Me


 I want to help you have more time to be creative.  In this social media age of promotion and platforms, a Virtual Assistant can eliminate the time you spend keeping up with these tasks.

I can help with:

Online Editing/Data Entry

                          Hourly Rate-$20

Marcie has been proofing and editing documents for me for the last two years. Marcie does a great job of editing; leaving clear directions of changes and catching grammar and spelling issues. She is able to get work back to me within 24 hours and takes direction well when clients change their specific designs. She is always willing to jump in and help when I am up against a deadline. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a friendly, professional with an eye for details.~Carrie Drumheller-Instructional Designer

Social Media Package ~Twitter, FB, Instagram, Website

  • Posting across social channels
  • Answering/Monitoring comments and removing unwanted posts
  • Formatting//Editing/Proofing posts to be published
  • Promoting old posts across media channels
  • Scheduling posts

             2 channels/5 posts per week-$79 a month

             3 channels/5posts per week-$129 a month

Blog Content Package

  • Edit content
  • Proof blog for SEO content
  • Promote blog through other channels
  • Update plug-ins
  • Answer/Moderate blog comments

                1 Post/WK-$79/MO  

               2 Posts/WK-$129/MO  

            3 Posts/WK-$149/MO 

Hourly Rate-$30


I would love to help lighten your load so that you can focus more time on creating.  Just pop over to my contact form and we can begin freeing up your time.

           Pinterest package coming soon!