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Christmas is Marcie's favorite holiday, which is why she's written three Christmas programs. Local communities interested in performing her programs can purchase the script and performance rights below.


The Christmas Story Spectacular 


The Christmas Story Spectacular is a holiday musical set in a 1940s radio station, WXYZ. The annual "Christmas Story Spectacular" has started at the station, with local acts performing to celebrate the season. All is going well until a snowstorm prevents anyone from getting to the station. Hilarity ensues as the radio manager, and secretary begins pulling spectators from the audience to fill in the gaps. Learn more.


Caroling Through His-Story

Sandy's grandchildren are visiting for the holidays, so she decides to treat them to the annual Christmas pageant. When Sandy and her grandchildren, Maycee and Oliver, are seated by Sandy's neighbors, Bob and Grace, they discover that the pageant's program shares the history of each of the Christmas carols performed. Maycee is delighted because she just finished a report on the same topic. As they share their knowledge and wonder over the carol's history, they also are inspired by the Christmas story laced throughout the beloved carols, emphasizing the true joy of the season. Learn more.


The Gift of Trust

Learn more.


Christmas 3-Program Package

This package includes all three of Marcie's Christmas programs: The Christmas Story Spectacular, Caroling Through His-Story, and The Gift of Trust. Learn more.


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